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Rokha, my dear little one.

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  • Rokha, my dear little one.

    You came into the world the day before this crazy year's first snow storm... you must have been smarter than your clutchmate who showed up during it. You first came out of your sleeping bag at lunch time, with not just your head out but your entire torso. You were a fighter from the start, but you were also pooped after all that effort and needed a nap. I took some pictures of you with your crests plastered to your head and left you alone for a few hours until you decided to show me the rest of you. You were such a unique looking baby, I knew you would be such a cool looking animal as you matured (and you did get prettier and prettier for the few months I had you). When you were one of the ones I decided I had to sell, I hoped you would go to a great home where I could get updates, because I wanted to see how you turned out. And you were still such a fiesty little kid. You always wanted to get out of your cage, you were always one I was pushing back in and trying to get out of the way of the lid so I could close it. But you'd shoot out again and start climbing up my leg, and then bite me when I smushed you back into your plant. You were never mean, you were just a little adventurer.

    The night before you died you were fine, you were just like usual - trying to play jail break with your Bazarak, your clutchmate. I didn't suspect anything. Then the next night when I found you, I didn't even think you were dead at first. I thought it was weird that you weren't trying to escape and seemed to be sleeping on the bottom, but not dead. Then I poked you so I could put in your food, and you didn't move. You never moved again. I don't know why you died, I hope it isn't something I could have prevented. I buried you in the flowers out front, you have a really pretty view if you just look up... I think of you and cry every time I see them. To others you were just a little lizard. To me, you were my special little Rokha who I loved and tried to do my best by. Rest in peace, and although I don't believe in a rainbow bridge, I do believe in heaven, and I know God knows how much I cared for you... so I hope he let's me see you again there someday.

    Goodbye sweet Rokha, and I'm sorry but it's going to take me awhile to get over you. There's a little gecko-shaped hole in my heart and you're the only one that fits it.
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    I'm so sorry for the loss of your beautiful little one. RIP Rokha.


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      Awwww....Nearly in tears, what a beautiful Eulogy


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        Aw so sorry to hear. What a sweet looking guy
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          I am so sorry for your loss *hug*


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            So sorry for your loss.