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This story almost had a happy ending

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  • This story almost had a happy ending

    Back in November, I somehow managed to misplace my African Fat Tail, Tabby. I tore my room up multiple times, went searching through the whole house... but never found her.

    Until March 9th.

    I took her to the vet as soon as I could, who flushed her system out with liquid and gave me instructions to feed her babyfood to try to get her appetite going again. We were doing fine for about a week, until I found what looked like mucous and blood on her paper towel Saturday night. I work night shift, and she was still alive when I got home Sunday morning. However, when I woke up Sunday night, she was dead. The vet had decided not to give her antibiotics because she was in better condition than most 'properly cared for' reptiles he sees. I'm thinking she had undigested food rotting in her, causing an infection. By the time she showed symptoms, the vet was closed and there was nothing I could do.

    It's one thing to lose an animal from something out of your control. Losing her because of a mistake I made is something else entirely. I want to blame the vet, but it's not his fault. At least, this time, I know where she is and what happened to her. Crested Geckos Gargoyle Geckos Leopard Gecko

    RIP Houdini, Ruby, and Tabby

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    Oh no! I'm so sorry.
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      I'm so sorry to hear this *hugs*
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        Hi, I have come to this thread and found out that you have lost what you considered important to you or shall I say a pet for you? However, So sorry about it, though, I have not used to taking care of such , I still knew and felt what have you lost especially if you put more effort in taking care and loving it. I just hope , you were able to get over it at this time and started to care for new ones.