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    GC on the thumb and with Mo from a later clutch

    This morning Little GC passed away... We are not really sure y GC passed but we have an idea its do to the size and from the egg it came from. GC was the first egg that our first year female layed and the eggs she layed that first clutch looked like it wasnt going to make it. but on Jan 11 GC hatched and we didnt notice the size was that far off from any other babies because its our first time breeding.. The other egg mate didnt even hatch.. then on Jan 25 the second clutch egg hatched and then we noticed the size difference. Until today GC was doing fine or so we thought.. GC was very little but was pretty active never jumped tho and hardly ate but would eat some... Its just hard to see that GC didnt make it...
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    aw so sad. Very sorry for your loss, he was adorable!
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      I'm very sorry. I'm glad you have pictures and memories to remember him from...


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        Very sorry, he would've been a great little guy !