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My dear Olive...

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  • My dear Olive...

    Tonight I lost my first gecko. I've never lost one prior to this. Even worse because she was my FIRST gecko.

    Olive was fine last night. I refilled her water bowl and set her on the rim of it where she likes to hang out. Tonight I found her curled up on her back in the corner of the tank, beside the water bowl. Temps have been fine, she's been perfectly great and healthy for the whole time I've had her.

    It strikes me that I never knew how old she was.

    Olive may not have ever been described as 'stunning' or 'eye-catching' but she was my sweet girl and I adored her.
    I'm crushed.

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    -Paul McCartney

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    Im sorry, it must be hard I couldn't imagine... my condolences


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      I'm so sorry. It's even harder when they seemed perfectly healthy. I'd be devastated if I lost my "first" gecko, so you have my deepest sympathies.


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        How unfortunate , I hope the rest of your clan lives long , and well !


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          I'm so sorry for your loss. It doesn't matter what she looked like, love is love & she had a very special place in your heart. Just take comfort in the fact that while she may no longer be with you physically, she'll always be with you in your heart.
          Hugs to you & safe passage across the Rainbow Bridge to Olive.
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            Im so sorry I know how you feel, I lost my very first leopard gecko a few years ago.. And my best friend(my doggy bridget) going on 2 years ago now... It hurts allot.. And I cant say it ever gets any easier.. But they are in peace now.. She will always have a place in your heart!


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              So sorry!
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