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    Two nights ago Greg and I were misting the geckos and when Greg was checking on the babies he found Larkspur dead in her enclosure. Just the previous night during feeding we had checked on EVERYONE, and there wasn't anything suspicious going on at all, she was acting normally, jumping around, there was poop in the cage, no mold, and she had eaten some of her CGD that evening as well....I don't know what went wrong, and I'm not sure if that makes it worse or not she was our only full pin we hatched this season, and was Greg's favorite hatchling I guess it could have been something developmental, or something, but I'll never know all the other babies are fine and we're keeping an extra close eye on them. I feel like a horrible person, like it's my fault...I've tried thinking of everything it could have been care wise, but I can't come up with anything. She was only 3.8 grams

    I'm sorry Larkspur
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    Aw no I'm so sorry. She was beautiful! And I am sure you did everything right for her and this was not due to a fault of yours. Seem animals just do not thrive. I am sorry for your loss
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      Aww, so sorry

      It's rough to lose a baby but even worse to lose your favorite Don't blame yourself, though. You are an awesome gecko momma!


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        Im so sorry Megan and Greg :'(
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          Thanks everyone we couldn't even bury her yet because of our work schedules, but we are doing that tonight all the other babies are still looking totally I guess that's good news.
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            I'm so sorry for your loss. Please don't blame yourself - sometimes nature just has its way and all the love and care in the world couldn't change the outcome. Sending good vibes your way that the rest of your babies stay happy and healthy.