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My friend lost his first crested he owned the day he bought it.

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  • My friend lost his first crested he owned the day he bought it.

    We went to the Reptile Super Show in Pomona sometime this August and he bought a few reptiles and a his first ever Crestie. We had no idea how hot Pomona got and it died on the way home. We tried to keep the reptiles cool on the way to the car, but it was so hot out.

    We both were pretty devastated about it since I own cresties at home and it was his first one. The rest of the reptiles were fine except I think a gater snake of his got brain damage from the heat and died a few days later. It just makes me wonder why would you do a reptile expo in the summer in California and make the parking lot so far away...

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    If you are purchasing any animal you should have supplies on hand to keep it at a proper temp. If you adopt a puppy you're not going to throw it in the car and shut the windows in 90 degree weather. When I buy cresteds in the summer, I keep a small insulated shipping box on me, with cooling packs, in a backpack. I keep a cooler with more cooling packs in the car and I don't put any geckos in the car unless I cool the car down first.

    Plan ahead...

    Edit: I didn't see which section this was posted in because I always just click "show newest", so I am sorry for your losses, I thought this was a general complaint. & Facebook & Instagram, oh my


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      Nope not a complaint. It's more so he beat himself up for it and I was really upset about it even though it's not my gecko and I wasn't plan on purchasing anything living. It just sucks that it died on the way home and I guess he really underestimated the weather.


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        Awwwww Tay, I am so sorry!
        The Pomona Reptile Super Show sure was hot!
        I can only imagine how your friend must feel and you as well!
        This is one of the ways we learn. It's just a bummer it has to be the hard way sometimes.
        RIP little gecko!
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          I carried a 1.5g baby crested gecko to my car and drove home with it from the show in pomona........................ its fine~ That really sucks that happened to your friend~ NARBC is this weekend in Anaheim and I heard this weekend is supposed to be the hottest days of the year!
          Thank You! -
          I have a lot of geckos......... I stopped counting.


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            This is why you should bring things to keep them cool and use air conditioning in the car...they can literally die within like 15 minutes of being in hot sadly could have been prevented I feel.... I feel so bad for the poor gecko.