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RIP little Romano

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  • RIP little Romano

    One of my all time favorite babies pasted away last week
    Not sure what caused its death, but it was sad and unexpected. It was kept just like all the other babies and ate CGD regularly. Im sure its just one of those freak things that just happens. We're waiting on a necropsy do be done to see if there's anything to be learned about its death.

    Im just sad because I really got attached to this one because it didnt look too much like any of its siblings. It was just extra pretty and really sweet. I dont have the parents anymore, but at least I got a lot of good pics of the little one before it pasted.
    Here are a couple good ones

    Thanks for looking. If I hear anything interesting from the necropsy, I'll be sure to update this thread.
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    I'm sorry


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      I'm so sorry, I hope the necropsy can shed a little light for you. RIP little Romano
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        I'm sorry

        Edit: double post, but the sentiment remains the same


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          I'm sorry for your loss.

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            I'm so, so sorry for your loss.
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              I'm so sorry.
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