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RIP Searc, our darling angel.

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  • RIP Searc, our darling angel.

    I awoke this morning to find our darling dog Searc dead. We adopted her from the shelter when she was a wee little lass. She was more than our dog, she was our beloved daughter and will be severely missed....I got up to give her some fresh water and food and take her on a walk to find her dead. We forgot to bring her inside last night with everything going on and sometimes last night someone bashed her in the head. Once I was able to get ahold of myself I called the cops out and dispatch said this was not the first call they've gotten like this today. After the cops left I wrapped her up and took her out to my friends mums house to give her a burial. RIP my darling was more than just a was my daughter.
    Shaun&Cassie O

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    Thats really tragic and people are so cruel. I'm so sorry your new year isn't starting off well at all. RIP Searc
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      Omg! How awful! I'm so sorry for your loss! Our dogs are like kids to us as well. I can't even imagine...


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        Damn I'm so sorry for your lost I can;t deal with sick pepole who like to hurt other animals that makes me so mad that happen to you. My heart goes out to you and my thoughts.


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          This is heartbreaking to read. I am so very sorry for your loss and I hope the people who did this pay dearly for their crime of stealing an innocent life so cruelly. RIP, Searc.
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