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Artemis (U. sikorae)

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  • Artemis (U. sikorae)

    Today we said goodbye to Artemis, our oldest female Uroplatus sikorae sameiti. We purchased her as a WC adult in 2007. She's been struggling with limb movement for a couple of weeks now, and has really gone downhill the last few days. I took her in to work with me this morning, and Dr. Dawn gave her a swift end, I couldn't bear to wait for her to go on her own anymore.

    This was her this morning before I took her in:

    Rest in peace, beautiful lady. I am thankful that even though my vets don't do exotics, they are able to euthanize when the time comes.

    Been a bad week for uros in this house. First Honschel, now Artemis....although we were prepared to lose Artemis she's been doing so poorly..

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    So sorry for your loss She was beautiful.
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      Im so sorry. She was really beautiful.
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        I am sorry. She was beautiful. And obviously a loved member of your family.
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          So sad Shes beautiful. RIP beautiful gecko.
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            I am so sorry to hear this sad news. I'm glad you were able to end her suffering though. RIP, Artemis. She was a beautiful gecko, Krystal, and clearly well loved.
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              I am so so sorry. These geckos seem so fragile, yet they are so fascinating and beautiful. I'm sorry you didn't have more time with her but you did the loving thing by ending her suffering. Rip Artemis
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