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RIP my little Oslo~! ;_;

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  • RIP my little Oslo~! ;_;

    I just got back from the vet.

    Combining the facts that Oslo has lost 1/3rd of his original weight, refusal of food of any type, and recently started having massive amounts of seizures...I had to make a hard and painful decision.

    Vet had no idea what was wrong with Oslo but she said even if they hosptialized, force-fed, and did several blood-tests...she did not think he would survive another two weeks. I decided that the best thing to do was to put him down. I didn't want him to suffer anymore. I buried him in the corner of my backyard inside a jewelry box.

    I also made a video about this for youtube people as well:

    Oslo was an active gecko when I first got him. Afraid of insects and loved to curl up against the glass door when sleeping. Always tried to jump into my backpack whenever I handled him.

    I am going to miss him and I loved him very much~!
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  • #2 so sorry. I know you loved him very much. You were a good person to take him to the vet and have him checked.
    I know the decision was very hard for you, but sounds like it was the best thing for your boy.
    Thinking of you


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      RIP, Oslo. Wait for your mommy at the bridge with all the other good little animals.
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        I know you are not ready now, but if you are ready to try again at the end of April and want to take the ride down to Hamburg, I can have a baby there for you to take home.


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          You did everything you could sweetie and your video was touching. I had one of mine die coming out of the egg while in my hands. I was candling it and it started to move and I got so excited and was afraid if I put it down it would drown in the fluid so I held onto it. And it moved for a while then just stopped. I freaked and sat it down and waited for a while and came back and I could smell that it wasn't right. I cried all day long. I still blame myself for it. I keep thinking that maybe when I was candling it, the egg moved positions. We also recently lost 2 other little ones. They weren't eating their CGD at all and barely drinking water. I went in to mist them one day and they were barely breathing. We tried misting them because they looked dry...didn't work. Tried giving them water and food off the tip of our fingers and after a little while, they both died. It was heartbreaking. We had another one die in the egg as well. I don't know if it ever developed all the way or not. The clutchmate freaked when it came out of the egg and dropped its tail. Almost like he knew there was something wrong with the other egg.
          And like your video said....they aren't "just" crested geckos, they are part of our family and no matter what others may think, a loss isn't easy no matter how long you have had them. Especially in your case since the poor thing suffered so much. You made the right decision though. You are a very good mommy!
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            I am so sorry for your loss. You did everything you could. RIP Oslo.
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              Thank you so much for your thoughts.

              Cindy, I will take you up on that offer on a future date but I feel it'll take more time beyond just a month to be ready for another crestie...
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                I am so sorry for your loss! :C It's never easy making the right decision, but you did everything you could and now he doesn't have to suffer anymore. He knows you loved him, and he knows you tried. Keep your chin up, and know that we're all here for you. *hugs*
                ~Rami | Nova Reptiles | iHerp | Facebook
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                  I am so sorry!

                  The right decisions are never easy ones...
                  Rest in peace Oslo.
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                    my thoughts:

                    very sad, RIP Oslo

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                      I'm so sorry for you loss and the difficult decision you've had to make.

                      Just because it' was the right decision, it doesn't make it any easier.

                      May your good memories and the love you feel for Oslo sustain you through your grief, and may Oslo rest in peace!!
                      Love and Light-

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                        I'm sorry to hear about your loss. That's a hard decision to make, and it hurts no matter what you decide, but in the end we always have to think about whats best for our beloved pets. My thoughts are you with and Oslo, he was a beautiful gecko and well loved by you!

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                          sorry to hear this terrible news its so hard to lose a loved one. you did the right thing and the best you could. keeping them for your own when their in pain is selfish.

                          i got watery teary eyes watching your vid; my heart aches right along with you.

                          RIP Oslo.
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                            so sorry he knows that you loved him and it takes a strong person to do the right thing like you did.


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                              Warm regards on the passing of Oslo. You did your best. melissa n.