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RIP little garglet #2

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  • RIP little garglet #2

    Crap! The clutchmate died in the egg after piping. I checked on the egg at 4p and everything was ok, then at 5:48p I noticed the egg was piped and no movement so I cut into the egg. Damn if I wasn't to late again. I checked the nose/mouth and all was clear of any goop, so I tried to massage the back and chest hoping to stimulate the heart, but nothing. I am at an absolute loss as to what is going on with Sasha's last 3 babies. Her last 2 this season are due in hatch in March and I have a bad feeling they aren't going to make it either. Any suggestions?

    SIMs w/ superhatch, 95-97% humidity, 74-78 degrees. All 5 of Cassie/Ivan babies were fine. Just seems like Sasha/Ivan babies are having trouble...specifically her last 3. HELP!
    Andi - Gray Sky Exotics

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    Oh no, not again! Sorry to hear that you lost this one, too.
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      I'm at a total loss, may have to rethink my breeding projects for this year.
      Andi - Gray Sky Exotics


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        God, I'm so sorry, hon!!


        RIP, little garglet!!
        Love and Light-

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          So sorry you lost another little one.
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            Oh crap, I was hoping it would be better news!
            It could just be a poor genetic matching, the only other thing I can think of is, I have heard that (at least with Crestie eggs) a tad less humidity is better, but I honestly don't know. Has the female been treated with E fix, N-fix, and everything?
            I hope the last clutch surprises you and pips you some healthy garglets.
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              Thanks everyone, it means a lot.
              All the gargs were treated with E-fix & N-fix prior to breeding season. Her 2 that hatched perfectly are very healthy and hugh now thank's to the new CGD version (Nikolai is 16.4g @ 6 mos and Pasha is 10.8g @ 5mos; both 2.0g at hatching)...both eat like their mama and cleans their bowls. Cassie's two that are 1 week older than Pasha weigh 11.4 & 11.1, only difference they will eat crickets and Pasha won't. All of Cassie's babies were 1.7g at hatching and all 3 of Sasha's deceased babies were 1.7g.

              I have moved the SIMs to another location in our bedroom that is a little cooler 68-69 in hopes that maybe the longer incubation time they have may help make them weigh more at hatching and maybe be stronger/healthier. Doesn't hurt to try.
              Andi - Gray Sky Exotics


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                On second thought, I think in the morning I'll change these last 2 eggs from the SIMs to a standard tupperware container where they sit directly on the superhatch and see how that goes. If they hatch perfectly (with lower temps also) then all of Sasha's future eggs will be incubated that way and I'll split the other's future eggs between the two incubation styles to see what works best.
                Andi - Gray Sky Exotics