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  • RIP little garglet

    Well, we just lost another garglet who piped it's egg and never made it out. I estimated that the eggs would hatch around this weekend so I've been checking the eggs a couple times throughout the day for the last week. I checked on them at 4p and nothing, but at 11:30p the egg was piped and no movement so we cut the egg from where it piped but it was to late. The really sad part is the little one looked like big sister Pasha (our avatar); damn, it sucks loosing such a awesome looking garglet. I think the eggs are to tough for them to pipe enough to get free.

    I'm keeping a close watch on the clutchmate's egg and will check it every hour. If it needs help getting out, we will be there immediately to assist. Don't want to loose 3 garglets in a row because they can't get out after piping.

    RIP little garglet
    Andi - Gray Sky Exotics

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    Awwwww, I am so sorry to hear the little one didn't make it. Hopefully the next ones will hatch and be strong and grow and thrive for you guys. RIP, baby garglet.
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      So sorry to hear this. May this next season work better for you and your garg eggs!
      Sarah & Jake
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        Awww, sorry he didn't make it.

        RIP, little garglet.
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          Thanks everyone. I didn't get much sleep last night and when I did, I just had garg nightmares. Sofar the other egg hasn't piped yet, so still checking it every hour or so.
          Andi - Gray Sky Exotics


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            Oh, honey!!

            I'm so sorry you've had problems hatchling your little gargs!!

            I had the same problem with my cresties last year.

            I know how hard it is to lose those precious babies that are just trying to climb into the world!

            Saying prayers that the sibling hatches fat, sassy, and healthy!!


            RIP, precious one!!
            Love and Light-

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              Sorry this happend. It is just a horrible feeling.

              How is the moisture in the incubation container? I switched to a new container, and had many issues with humidity due to it. I lost several babies who pipped but could not get out of the egg. one or two was a garg. Once I bumped up the water in the medium, I had no more problems. Something to look at.
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                Thanks Donna!
                Thanks Roxanne!

                Originally posted by rhatfield View Post
                How is the moisture in the incubation container?
                We used the SIMs with superhatch this entire breeding season and the humidity has been been 95-97% the entire time. The temps have been between 74-78 degrees the entire time. Letting fresh air in twice a week.

                Cassie had all 5 of her fertile eggs hatch perfectly using the SIMs.
                Sasha on the other hand: 1st one died in the egg, next 2 hatched perfectly, then the last 2 both died in the egg after piping. She has 1 egg to hatch anytime (the clutchmate to the last one that died) and her last 2 eggs incubating are due in March. Since I was there for all the live hatchling's arrival, I've noticed from the photos that all them had 2 slits in the eggs where they exited, but the 2 that died in the the egg after piping only had 1 slit. I wonder if Sasha's eggs have to much calcium in them making them to tough/hard for the little ones to make the necessary slits to get out, any thoughts?
                Andi - Gray Sky Exotics


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                  So sorry to hear RIP lil one
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                    Thanks Sam!
                    Clutchmate is still snuggled in his egg safe-n-sound at the moment, keeping fingers crossed he'll make it when it's time to hatch out.
                    Andi - Gray Sky Exotics