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More sad news :(

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  • More sad news :(

    So, I know, I have to stop going into the hospital, but not for the reasons you think. This time I lost 4 hatchlings, one that I had pined over from AC for a while before I bought him, 2 orange tigers, and a little flame... My gf does NOT have any luck when dealing with the animals....
    Chrissy Seredy
    Sadie's Hideaway Education & Rescue Crested Geckos; 0.1 gargoyle gecko; 1.0 Vorax Geckos; 5.2 Panther Geckos; 1.1 tokays; 1.1.1 carpet pythons; 0.2 red tail boas; 0.1 ball python; 0.0.1 rat snake; 0.0.1 honduran milk snake 1.2 Dogs; 2.1 Cats; anole egg

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    Aww, I'm sorry.


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      Oh, no. Sorry to hear this.
      Boston Terrier 1.0, Stetson R.I.P. 8/15/2015.
      Rough Collie (rescued) 1.0, Teddy
      Crested Geckos 9.11.12
      Pine Isle Chahoua 1.0.1 Hunter, Cami
      Leopard Geckos 1.2 Confetti, Snowdrop, & Beauty
      Bearded Dragon 1.0 Jayden


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        Sorry to hear about your critters. You are having a crappy summer, I hope things get better for you soon.
        Andi - Gray Sky Exotics