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  • Popeye is gone

    I have held off on posting this for while, and I have been pretty quite about Popeyes passing. Popeye was a very special little gecko, born with one extreamly small eye, possibly due to incubation temps as durring incubation we had a serious temp spike last year. But Popeye also had lost its tail. I was sick, really sick, talking not enough energy to get out of the bed, so the bf took care of the geckos that night. He accidently shut the kk lid on Popeyes tail. So Popeye, not only with the bum eye also was a frog butt. An beautiful gecko to top it all off, and such a hard start at life.

    A few weeks ago my schedule was crazy, 5am work one day, then days in a row working nights, then helping the bf house sit his parents house. I wasnt home much. I had misted the geckos that night, but the following day I had not misted them when I got back home from house sitting, was running late and needed to get to work. Came home and totally forgot to mist again that night. The next morning I was going around misting everyone and found Popeye barely clinging to life. I never thought Popeye was so fragil to have dehydrated so quickly when I had babies barely a week old make it through my total screw up, and it is sad that a gecko that was my special needs little one had to suffer for my own mistake. So to the beautiful little Popeye, I am sorry for my mistake.

    lets just say I have a lot of stuff

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    I am so sorry for your loss.
    - Carrie and


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      Sorry for your loss, Melissa. He was a cute little guy and I know how much you loved him.
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        Sorry for your loss, RIP little Popeye.
        Andi - Gray Sky Exotics


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          Awwww, RIP little guy, and Mel, I know he knows how much you loved him. He could never begrudge you that.
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            I raise my glass to you Melissa, for making a home for a 'special' gecko, and to Popeye, who I picture leaping through the clouds, enjoying that Heavenly nectar.
            Take care


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              Awww So sorry for your loss hun. May he RIP
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                Aww I'm so sorry. He was really cute.
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