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  • RIP Bailey's

    Never could get good pics of Bailey's.

    Two days ago I took him/her to the vet, after the last two weeks of having lost weight to the point of emaciation. Vet removed an enormous impaction of fecal matter. Couldn't see anything out of the ordinary in what was removed when he examined it. Wasn't much help, couldn't tell me what caused it, or what may have caused it, nothing. I had suspected entamoeba to be the cause, he's been sick for over two months with all the symptoms. I've had a great success rate with the e-fix in the past for two other cases. Put him immediately on the e-fix at the first signs, didn't help much because he fought tooth and nail not to eat.
    Locked his jaw up real tight, even though I tried all sorts of methods, plain and simple he was refusing food. Last two weeks severe rapid weight loss, two weeks of daily syringe feeding and saunas to try and keep him hydrated. Went home with orders to give antibiotic shots and to continue with what I had been previously doing. He seemed to have gained energy back and was much more active than he had been in weeks.

    Yesterday he was okay, not as active, but we had a feeding and he got a bit down. This morning he had no energy, decided to leave him alone and give him his shot later today, so as not to put too much stress on him. Went to give him his antibiotics and he was already gone. As some of my friends have consoled, at least he was more comfortable before the time of his passing. I'm just sorry that I wasn't able to do more for him and give him the turn around that I had really hoped to give him. He will be missed greatly, he was a super sweet gecko.
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    I am so sorry to hear that. It sounds like you tried everything to get him/her back to being ok.
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      Sorry for your lost. RIP little friend
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        Thanks, it hurts to try so hard and yet fail in the end.
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          Poor little buddy. Joli, you didn't fail at all! You gave this animal excellent care and even took him to a vet. That is far from failure.
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            So sorry to hear about your loss. Rest in peace Bailey.
            Andi - Gray Sky Exotics


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              Sorry for your loss.
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