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  • Jersey

    So my boxer was pretty up there in age for the breed, she was 11, and as some of you know late least year and earlier this year she has had some complications. Well this morning she woke up with me (4am) which she never does, so I let her out. Took her quite awhile before she decided to come back in, I actually went out to find her to make sure she didnt wander off. She had trouble getting up the steps but she made it in. She followed me around the rest of the time I was here, wasnt sure why, I figures she hurt to much to go lay down so I just gave her some lovin pets before I went to work.

    Well apparently later in the morning she just kept getting worse, then laid down and couldnt get back up. So my parents called my brother to come get her and take her to the vet. The vet said she was "going", they could fix her up but only estimated her to live for about another month or so. So my parents decided to put her to sleep instead of trying to make her suffer through any longer.

    When I came home from work I seen her dog bed on top of the trash can and the first thing that popped into my head, Jersey was dead. I didnt know at the time, my dad told me when I walked through the door what had happened.

    Although she hurt, I think the reason she spent the morning with me is because she knew she was on her way out and she wanted to say goodbye to me.

    She was a good dog, we had her for 9 years, she was a rescue. And I know this sounds funny, but I even think Verde knows, he seems more somber today and I know he really enjoyed her company (he sometimes calls her name and whistles for her to come over to his cage).

    I am sad, but not as sad as I thought I would be. Possibly because one, I wasnt the one taking her to the vet and signing the papers. But also because I got to say goodbye to her this morning, which I am glad I did. But at least is in a better place now and isnt in pain anymore.

    Her cute "pewww daz stinky!" face

    And my fav pic of her, one day we were alone in the house and she just wanted so badly to be by me, and with her bad arthritis she couldnt get up on the bed well. So I picked her up and put her up there, so she hung out with me that day while I folded laundry and cleaned my room. She fell asleep and looked so peaceful.
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    I'm so so sorry you lost her. My heart really goes out to you!
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      I am so sorry.
      I have lost a few and have an old girl right now.
      Seems like it always hits me at the most strange times. Treasure her memory and I am glad you got to spend the time with her this morning.
      Smart dog.
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        I posted on Facebook, but I am glad to see the pictures here. She was very beautiful. Just think what a wonderful home she had with you all! She is no longer in pain and one day maybe you will see her again. If people go to heaven, then pets certainly should!
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          Awwww Melissa. I loved Jersey, (I have a soft spot for boxers) this brought tears to my eyes to read this. She had a wonderful life with you and I am glad you got the chance to say goodbye. RIP Sweet moosh-faced girl.
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            Melissa, I am so sorry.... that is a long time for a boxer. You gave her a great home! She could have all of the love and attention she needed with your family. I am sure she loved you all so much.
            Truly sorry for you and your family....


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              Oh Melissa, I am so sorry you lost your puppy. *hugs*

              I'm glad that you got to say goodbye to your sweey girl though. I love the pictures of her, she looked like a love bug.

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                So sorry to hear that! It is really hard whenever you lose one. We had to put my mom's poodle down about 4 years ago, she was 15. My mom was reading this with me too & it made her cry. It is good that you got to spend the morning with her & didn't have to be the one to decide it was time, that I think is the hardest part. Our hearts go out to you!
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                  I am so sorry for your loss... Jersey was a lucky girl to have a family that loved her so much.
                  - Carrie


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                    Melissa, I am soooo sorry you lost your Jersey The tears are just streaming right now! She knew you loved her and is happy & pain free now.

                    *Big hugs*

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                      Aw she was a pretty girl, I'm really sorry for your loss, but I'm glad you got to spend that last morning with her.
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                        well it was just a crappy week in general. I lost a clean red Naruto baby about 4 days ago, it was a last year baby. It was having a really hard time shedding even though I was sauning it for the last several days in a row, it just simply was not wanting to come off. Poor thing.

                        The Jersey yesterday.

                        The a few hours fter hearing about Jersey, I had Verde out on his stand and ym sister and her fam came over, my 2 year old neice who normally doesnt try to mess with Verde's stand bumped it, scared him off, he crash lands onto the table, knocking my cup of kool aid over onto my laptop, which zaps itself off. Koolaid is everywhere, I kinda flop him off onto the floor to try and save the laptop from dying. Managed to get it cleaned up and it is working find, just the buttons are sticky, but we are going to take it in and have it cleaned out by some computer cleaning professionals (will cost me $30 :/ ).

                        What a crappy ass week.
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                          That sucks! I'm glad your laptop still works, I know how frustrating it is when technology takes a dive, no matter whose fault it is. You need a good relaxing weekend now!
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                            awww, RIP Jersey


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                              Rip jersey, sorry to hear you lost her. I am happy you had the chance to say goodbye and it just sounds like it was her time. Sigh, I hate loosing an animal,
                              and the zoo