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  • Little one...

    I am sad to say that my first ever crested gecko that I hatched has passed away.I am not sure what happened as he was fine this morning as I did the morning check before I left this morning.

    Little Jim Eugene Saffron Ubert Swoosh was found with his head supported by his food bowl. His toes were crisp and his body was lifeless. I can only hope that he died peacefully and now he may rest in his final resting spot.

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    Gargoyle Gecko: 0.0.1
    3 eggs a'cooking in the incubator

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    Oh no
    I'm so sorry for your loss
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      Awwwww. I am so sorry you are going thru this. At least he was loved for the short time he was here. RIP, little Jesus.
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        So sorry.
        Sarah & Jake
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          Oh I am sorry for you lost. It is so hard one you loose a baby, specialy when it was your first baby. rip little baby
          and the zoo


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            aw man, i hate hearing about animals dieing, its really just sad, i dont want anything to happen to my little cresteds

            Good luck, hope everyting goes well,