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:( My Ranni is gone

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  • :( My Ranni is gone

    My Garg Rangiku has passed. I came down to check on her this morning and she was gone
    I wonder if it was entomoeba, but I have no idea what happend but Im soooo upset.
    RIP poor girl
    uggg Im having a bad run these last few months. First my 2 rescue leos past and now her. I feel like not having geckos anymore. This just totally sux.
    Well things seem to happen in threes so Im hopeing this is my last loss

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    Warm regards on the passing of Ranni. That's a wonderful photo of her.
    Hope that things will change for the better for you.
    Take care.

    Melissa N.


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      I'm sorry! She was a pretty little gecko. That's very sad. I too hope that this is the last loss you have to endure. She will live on in your memory. You have my condolences.
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        Im so so sorry to hear about that Cslinca! My thoughts are with you and dont give many geckos have a great home because of you!


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          OH shit slinca, I am so sorry you lost her. We all know how well you care for your geckos but some times things like this happen. I have been there myself. Hugs
          and the zoo


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            Caren I am so so sorry. I feel so badly for you. Poor girl.
            You take awesome care of your kids! I know this personally! OK?? Don't you dare give up on them. She got sick and your leos were rescues. It was not due to neglect or inadequate care. You are awesome!
            So sorry once again...*hugs*


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              Awwww slinky!!!!! I am so so sorry to hear this bad sad news. I wonder if it is related to the head swelling and weird shed issue she recently had? Are you going to get a necropsy done just for closure or confirmation?
              I understand if not, but please don't beat yourself up over this. You did the best you could with her, and she probably had an underlying condition that just finally got the best of her.
              RIP, beautiful Ranni.
              Hugs, Slinky!
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                Thanks guys for all the hugs and kind words. It was definately something wierd and Im sure it had to do with the head swelling/bad shed. It all happend with in a couple of weeks, it was super fast. I guess whatever it was took her quickly and hopefully painlessly
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                  Oh no! I'm so so sorry for your loss
                  Crestopia Reptiles

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                    I'm so sorry you've lost your beautiful gargy-girl!!

                    I know it may only be a small consolation, but she's a peace now, and all healed.

                    Some things just can't be healed matter how hard we try, and no matter how good the vet or the medicine is!

                    She'll love you forever for the care you've given to her, and she'll be waiting for you!

                    Hugs, prayers and tears-

                    Gone But Not Forgotten

                    Don't think of her as gone away-
                    Her journey's just begun.
                    Life holds so many facets-
                    This earth is only one.
                    Just think of her as resting
                    From the sorrows and the tears,
                    In a place of warmth and comfort
                    Where there are no days and years.
                    Think how she must be wishing
                    That we could know today
                    How nothing but our sadness
                    Can really pass away.
                    And think of her as living
                    In the hearts of those she touched-
                    For nothing loved is ever lost
                    And she is loved so very much.


                    RIP, little Rangiku!!!
                    Spread those gecko-angel wings and FLY!!!
                    Love and Light-

                    "What is man without the beasts? If all the beasts were gone, man would die from a great loneliness of spirit, for whatever happens to the beasts soon happens to the man. All things are connected."-Chief Seattle


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                      I'm so sorry, Caren!! I know what she meant to you because I loved her still even though she lived with you. I know you did the best you could. I'm so sorry. don't let this ruin the others for you. I'm thinking about you.


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                        I am so sorry to hear about your loss. I understand how you feel - I didn't think I'd ever have another gecko. But then you introduced me to Brynn and he's so's renewed my faith in myself that can take care of the little scaly dude.

                        Hugs & kind thoughts,


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                          Oh no! I am so sorry to hear about your loss of Ranni! She knew that you did everything you could for her and I'm sure she is resting peacefully now.