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RIP Piper, who died today

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  • RIP Piper, who died today

    Piper had been sick for a while...a visit to the vet said dehydration but tonight I found her gone when I went to get her for a sauna.

    I've lost Paige and Piper in the last month...I feel horrible...I keep thinking it was something I did or didn't do. I will always wonder what went wrong.

    Piper is buried in the rosemary planter alongside Paige. I will miss them both dearly.


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    I'm sooo sorry for your loss Laurice. I was really hoping she would pull through
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      Awww, Laurie. again, it wasn't your fault. I'm so sory for the loss, especially so close together. I know its hard, but try and be grateful for the laughs and joy they both gave you, I am sure they are both grateful to you for caring for and loving them the way you did.
      RIP both Piper and Paige.
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        R.I.P. my condolences are with you guys
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