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  • Kitty my best friend

    She died in my arms. I can not put into words how I feel.
    Sandy Crested Gecko 1.1.3 Gargoyle Gecko
    0.1.0 Pine Island Chahoua 0.1.0 Bearded Dragon
    My sweet meow meow I miss you!
    1.0 Painted Turtle Squirt

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    I'm very sorry for your loss.
    My geckos:


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      I'm sorry Sandy. I know there aren't any words that can make it better for you so please know you've got my # if you need to talk or cry or anything. & Facebook & Instagram, oh my


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        Oh, Sandy!!!

        I'm so sorry for your loss, but I'm happy that Kitty finally found her way to Rainbow Bridge.

        She's a peace now, sweetie, and whole and healed.

        I know that you miss her dreadfully, but she was ill for a long time.

        As long as she's in your heart and her mind, she'll be with you forever-just around the corner-waiting for you.

        Just close your eyes and run through the pictures of all the love and the funny things she did!!!

        She'll be right there with you in your heart!!

        A cat goes to Heaven,
        And God asked the feline spirit
        "Are you ready to come home?"

        "Oh, yes, quite so", replied the precious soul.
        "And as a cat, You know I am most able
        to decide anything for myself."

        "Are you coming then?" asked God

        "Soon", replied the whiskered angel.
        "But I must come slowly
        My human friends are troubled
        For You see, they need me, quite certainly."

        "But don't they understand?" asked God -
        "that you'll never leave them?
        That your souls are intertwined, for all eternity,
        That nothing is created or destroyed,
        It just is . . . forever and ever and ever?"

        "Eventually they will understand" replied the cat
        "For I will whisper in their hearts - that I am always with them
        I just am . . . forever and ever and ever."

        ~ Author Unknown ~

        Room In Your Heart

        Sorrow fills a barren space;
        you close your eyes and see my face
        and think of times I made you laugh,
        the love we shared, the bond we had,
        the special way I needed you -
        the friendship shared by just we two.

        The day's too quiet, the world seems older,
        the wind blows now a little colder.

        You gaze into the empty air
        and look for me, but I'm not there -
        I'm in heaven and I watch you,
        and I see the world around you too.

        I see little souls wearing fur,
        souls who bark and souls who purr
        born unwanted and unloved -
        I see all this and more above -
        I watch them suffer, I see them cry,
        I see them lost, I watch them die.

        I see unwanted thousands born -
        and when they die, nobody mourns.

        These little souls wearing fur
        (Some who bark and some who purr)
        are castaways who - unlike me -
        will never know love or security.

        A few short months they starve and roam,
        Or caged in shelters - nobody takes home.

        They're special too (furballs of pleasure),
        filled with love and each one, a treasure.

        My pain and suffering came to an end,
        so don't cry for me, my person, my friend.

        But think of the living - those souls with fur
        (some who bark and some who purr) -
        And though our bond can't be broken apart,
        make room for another in your home and your heart.

        --- Caro Schubert-James ---

        ORIP, Miss KittyO
        Wait for your Momma at The Bridge!!
        We'll take good care of her for you till then...
        Love and Light-

        "What is man without the beasts? If all the beasts were gone, man would die from a great loneliness of spirit, for whatever happens to the beasts soon happens to the man. All things are connected."-Chief Seattle


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          Sandy, I am so very thankful that you spent her last bit of time together. She loved you so much and I am so very sure she was so happy you were there with her when she needed you the most.
          I feel so very sad for you.
          Having such a horrible loss at this time in your life, no words can describe what pain you are in,the constant lump in your throat that wont go away and the ache in your heart.
          Know we are here for you!
          With such sympathy,



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            Hi Sandy,

            So sorry.... we've all been there and feel your loss. Hang in.


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              I'm so sorry for your loss, I know how important she was to you. You are in our thoughts.

              Southwest Florida


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                Ohh I am so sorry sandy, Dang when will these things stop happening!
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                and the zoo


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                  Home after a long day away, I buried her under the lilacs at my parents house. I just went through the house and packed up the rest of her toys it truly feels empty here. I sat in the driveway a long time before getting the nerve to walk in I could always hear her yelling at me as I came up the steps it was a constant and loud meow meow meow meow and did not end until I would walk in and pick her up, it wouldn't matter if I had been gone for a week or 5 minutes. I thank everyone here for your kind words and I know that unfortunately all of you know the pain I am in, everyone here is an animal lover. So thank you and please know that all of your words do help. Know if anyone would like to come curl up in my lap and purr maybe I could get some sleep.
                  hugs Sandy
         Crested Gecko 1.1.3 Gargoyle Gecko
                  0.1.0 Pine Island Chahoua 0.1.0 Bearded Dragon
                  My sweet meow meow I miss you!
                  1.0 Painted Turtle Squirt


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                    Sandy it sure does sound she will have a beautiful place to rest. Nothing better than a lilac bush to sleep under. Wonderful smells and little birds all over in the spring.
                    I wish I could offer more comfort for you. Times sure have been rough on you. I am sure there is a glimmer of light just around that next corner.
                    Thinking of you!


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                      So sorry for your loss sandy, At least you were right there by her side
                      Crestopia Reptiles

             Crested Geckos, Gargoyle Geckos, 0.2.0 Leachies, 2.0.1 Pictus Geckos, 0.1 AKSB, 0.0.1 RETF, 1.2.0 Dogs


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                        Oh Sandy, Im so sorry! I know how much you loved the little girl, and how much she loved you back. She is deffinitly waiting for you at the rainbow bridge and she loved you very much! Trust me, Life will get better! If you want someone to talk to you have my email and theres always facebook!
                        Love&Hugs Gina
                        2.0.0 Crested Geckos
                        -Stanley, Screwie Louie

                        RIP My baby girl Lilian, And now Ace my boy. I love you both...


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                          Sorry for your loss hon. In time things will be better, just cherish the moments you've shared together and take comfort in knowing that kitty's no longer suffering.

                          "Soft kitty, warm kitty
                          Little ball of fur
                          Happy kitty, sleepy kitty
                          purr, purr, purr."



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                            i'm sorry you lost your best friend...i wish our furry family members could live as long as we do. i hope you can get some peace and much-needed rest now. *hugs*