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gecko misses food when hunting

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  • gecko misses food when hunting

    hi. I have a female tangerine leopard gecko she is about 5/6 months old. when I first got her she was in terrible condition (all skin and bones) she wouldn't eat I had to feed her through a tube with soft cat food. she finally started eating insects. she has gotten very healthy we have been through so much together. but about 2-4 weeks ago while feeding her, her favorite meal (crickets) one was next to her water bowl and she ended up missing and banging her jaw into a rock solid object. I heard the thump. I immediately freaked out because she was doing this weird twitching motion and it looked like her tongue had locked up at the tip of her mouth. I grabbed her and started rubbing her jaw, it went back to normal looking but ever since she struggles to catch her food. she will miss about 3-10 times trying to eat one cricket and everytime she misses her tongue does that weird thing I mentioned previously but she will fix it on her own. this happens to the point she will get disappointed and won't eat until the next day. I do dust her crickets in calcium and vitamin dust occasionally (lately I have been slacking not gonna lie) my mom earlier was feeding her and saw what was happening and asked me if maybe her jaw was broke but I have no idea because this is my first lizard ever. please help me I don't want her in pain it really hurts me to see this happening to her.