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  • Uploading pictures

    I am really confused with how to upload a photo with this new set up. It's driving me crazy! I have always just gone on to shutterfly copy my image location and clicked on the picture thing and pasted. Poof, the photo appeared. Now when I do the exact same thing it tells me I have an invalid file? The picture is a jpeg, it says it's allowed and there really no other way for me to do this. If there is any advice, feel free to comment.

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    (I'm going to move this to the Testing area) - what's the code shutterfly is giving you to post? & Facebook & Instagram, oh my


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      The code is:


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        Ok, so it just showed up in this thread by me just posting it. Should I just be doing that or is there still a way to get the actual picture to show up?


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          The issue seems to be that you are posting a link that doesn't end in ".jpg" or ".jpeg" etc. - does shutterfly not offer you links that end that way?

          If they don't, you can manually put the img tag around the link. it's *img* (photo link) */img* but the * are brackets instead.

 & Facebook & Instagram, oh my


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            The only link they offer as far as I know is the image location link (which I posted). I am glad there is a way to do it manually! Thanks so much!!