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  • Hello..

    Well Since I have made a few posts (mainly bugging people with my questions ) I figured I would go ahead and introduce myself..

    My name is Amanda, I am 20 years old and live in Indianapolis, Indiana. I am attempting to be an artist, but so far seem to be failing miserably at it... so I am re-evaluating my goals in life at the moment. I love racing, Indy Car racing to be more specific, it has been my biggest passion for most of my life. I'm pretty good at taking pictures of cars going really fast.. and actually having them look good. I have a slight obsession.. er... love for crustaceans, except coconut crabs.. they scare the bejesus out of me. I've always wanted a pet lobster. I have one tattoo and three piercings, although I want more of both. I've been told I am an amazing singer. My life basically revolves around cars. I used to have an Albino Ball Python named Snowy until she got too big for me to handle. And I am an avid "MP3 Collector"
    So there are some random facts about me.. I'm not too shy so just ask if there is anything you want to know.

    And here is a picture for the masses

    I may add a "better" one later..

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    Here's your **official** welcome to the forums...


    I've always wanted a pet lobster too. I can't walk into Red Lobster without almost coming home with one of them...

    "This is your life, are you who you want to be?" -Switchfoot


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      Thanks Sarah

      Lol I have seriously considered on more than one occasion to buy one from the grocery store and tell them not to boil it.. that would really defeat the purpose.. only bad thing is.. lobsters taste sooo good.


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        You can have all the lobster you want, I'll just take the pet
        I've had a few smaller crustaceans in my turtle tank, they are good cleaners.

        Oh and WELCOME as well
        Avalon Reptiles

        " If all the beasts were gone man would die from loneliness of spirit... for whatever happens to the beast, happens to the man" -Chief Seattle-