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  • TAD
    You have quite a menagerie! Congrats on your up-and-coming geckos (& pythons). Looking forward to hearing more about them.

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  • gunkle
    started a topic Hello from Ct

    Hello from Ct

    Hello all. We just decided (2 nights ago) to pick up 2 crested geckos at the upcoming expo in NH in a week and a half along with the 2 ball pythons we have been preparing for over the last 2 months. Years ago we had a fat tail gecko, a ball python and 2 iguana's but life got in the way. We are now older and much more stable. We currently have a 5 year old Bearded Dragon, a 4 year old dog, a 16 year old cat, a 1 year old cat, and 3 2.5 year old guinea pigs. One of my dreams has always been to have a reptile room. Getting closer by the day. Our Kids 7 and 9 are supper excited about the BP's but we are going to surprise them by getting the gecko's.