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    Hello all. We just decided (2 nights ago) to pick up 2 crested geckos at the upcoming expo in NH in a week and a half along with the 2 ball pythons we have been preparing for over the last 2 months. Years ago we had a fat tail gecko, a ball python and 2 iguana's but life got in the way. We are now older and much more stable. We currently have a 5 year old Bearded Dragon, a 4 year old dog, a 16 year old cat, a 1 year old cat, and 3 2.5 year old guinea pigs. One of my dreams has always been to have a reptile room. Getting closer by the day. Our Kids 7 and 9 are supper excited about the BP's but we are going to surprise them by getting the gecko's.

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    You have quite a menagerie! Congrats on your up-and-coming geckos (& pythons). Looking forward to hearing more about them.
    TAD "Tiny Ancient Dinosaur" (Crestie), Hidey (Garg), O.G. "Office Gecko" (Bauer's Chameleon gecko), TBD "Tiny Badass Dragon" (Western Bearded Anole), 3.1.0
    Rody Jane (cattledog/stinkwad mix), Dixie Moonpie (rattledog) George P-Dog (lab/Great Pyr) 1.2.0, Ringer (barn cat) 1.0.0