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  • Hi everyone!

    Hi! I’m Jo, 31, living in the Orlando area. I have a cat and a dog (and a husband), and I’ve had ball pythons and leopard geckos in the past. I’ve recently been really missing having reptiles around, and I’m thinking of giving crested geckos a try. But before I buy anything, I want to learn, so that’s why I’m here!

    I’m also a freelance writer and a carnivorous plant enthusiast too. Nice to meet you all!

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    Welcome to the community Bronze, you surely have a lot of pets at home. I only have a german shepherd, all he does is annoy my two lovely geckos. Just now, I have decided to set-up a wood pet gates to ensure that he won't do something crazy.


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      Hi Jo, and welcome! Nice to have you here! I have an 8-year-old male crestie named TAD, a 1-year-old gargoyle, a 6-month old agricolae, and will soon have a false chameleon anole.

      What are you looking for in a gecko? Cresties are pretty cool!
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      TAD "Tiny Ancient Dinosaur" (Crestie), Hidey (Garg), O.G. "Office Gecko" (Bauer's Chameleon gecko), TBD "Tiny Badass Dragon" (Western Bearded Anole), 3.1.0
      Rody Jane (cattledog/stinkwad mix), Dixie Moonpie (rattledog) George P-Dog (lab/Great Pyr) 1.2.0, Ringer (barn cat) 1.0.0


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        Ooh I'm jealous. Gargoyle geckos are just cool. I'm looking for a gecko that's interesting to look at--since I plan to only have one or two and not make a breeding hobby out of it (I just don't have the space for breeding!)--and something that is long-lived, since it will be a pet. These are both reasons why I felt like a crested might be the way to go.

        I loved my leos in the past but found them to be not quite what I was looking for!