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  • Been here since 2012


    I've been a member since January 2012 under the name Rhac with about 250 posts. I can't remember which email I use so really no way to log in unfortunately.

    Had lots of good times learning with everyone and now that I'm old and grey "27" and back in the hobby I'm joining back up.

    Now a day's I'm hiking all the time and photographing everything ( *cough*, but in the gecko world I'm focusing on Naturalistic Vivariums and all the components to them. I even sell a really rich soil mixture I make.

    No longer breeding crested as I've sold of my collection even my leachie :"(. I do now however have a Tokay setup in a Naturalistic viv, and I do have a young crested. I'm currently in the process of designing the Cresteds tank, but at the moment he's happy as can be in a nice secure sterilite tub with his pangea fruit mix of course.

    Well hope to have more great discussions. Cheers

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    It is good to have you back, I am also into hiking since it is summer. I usually bring along my labrador retriever, he enjoys being one with nature. The only problem is that he never get use to wearing dog boots, but he doesn't have a choice his paws need protection.