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Gecko collection off again from upstate NY

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  • Gecko collection off again from upstate NY

    Hey... I used to be active on here a few years ago but have no idea what my username or email address was so I'm starting over which is okay because I'm starting my collection over too. My last reptile collection was with an old boyfriend of mine, we broke up and I took nothing. Over the past few years I got another crested hatchling and raised him up, then followed 2 more which turned out to be a male and a female so 2 females and 1 male.. I got pretty lucky. They laid eggs a few months ago so I guess my collection is starting off. I have 4 more on the way from AC lol... That escalated quickly.

    Besides all of that I live on the east coast, upstate NY where the weather is crazy. Hoping to move a little South in the next few years. I have 2 dogs, 2 ragdoll cats, and a baby... Yeah I keep busy lol. Anyone else from the area? crested geckos🦎
    2.0 Dogs- mini goldendoodle & Bouvier Des Flandres🐶
    1.1 ragdoll cats & 2.1 house cats🐈
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    Welcome back! Pics? ^_^