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  • howdy.

    hello, everyone!
    at the moment i only own one gecko (his name is Disco, obviously), but i'd love to own more of his species - crested geckos - and other species as well in the future. i made an account on this forum because i've known about it for a while and decided i wanted to have my own space here to ask questions and learn more about all tree-dwelling geckos.
    my fascination with said geckos began a few months ago when i was starting to care a lot about all animal care. it didn't take long for me to discover cresties and i instantly fell in love. from all of the gorgeous possible morphs to their little crests that ran all the way down their backs to their awesome gecko qualities that other rhacodactylus geckos also have, crested geckos are by far one of my favorite creatures. i knew i had to get one from the very start, so i researched like MAD. i don't think i'd done as much research at that point on any other pet. i still live with my parents, so when my birthday rolled around i had to ask first. it took a bit of convincing for my dad, but he eventually said yes, and i was ecstatic.
    i already had an amazon shopping cart full of supplies ready, so i named all of the items and she added them to her own cart on her own account and ordered them. i set it all up on my own and i was obsessed with looking at it once it was finished.
    little Disco arrived on april 13th this year. the moment i heard that knock on our front door i rushed out of my room and sat on the couch in anticipation. it felt like a dream. i'm a little surprised at how excited i was, to be honest!
    Disco has been doing well ever since i got him and i love him to death. he might just be the cutest little guy i've ever owned, and this is coming from the same person who also owned several dwarf hamsters and other rodents in the past and also currently owns a rabbit and 4 cats (i own a betta, too, but he's not nearly as cute, lol).
    i'd post some pictures but i haven't currently taken too many and right now he's hiding away in a colorful lei i wrapped around a hammock in his enclosure so i don't want to bug him. it's hard to see, but my avatar is one of the few images i have.

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    Welcome to the forum! Looking forward to more pictures of Disco. I have 5 adult cresties and just hatched my first two babies this week!



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      thank you! i'll be sure to post any that i take.
      also, that's awesome! i'm sure the little ones are beautiful.