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    Hi all!

    My name is Eileen. I am a 62-year-young lady who lives on a 5-acre farmette with my husband, in east-central Wisconsin, USA. We have two grown children and five grandchildren. I am healthy and active, and work full-time for a residential care facility for at-risk boys. My husband is a truck driver. I have had and loved animals all of my life, and in past years have had dogs, cats, goats, a rat, mice, gerbils, turtles (I had one spiny hill turtle for 20+ years), iguanas, and anoles. Currently we have 3 rescue dogs - a 13.5 year old golden retriever with cancer, a 12.5 year old cattle dog/stinkwad mix (), and a 2-year-old cattle dog/rat terrier mix that we call a rattledog. Plus 3 ancient barn cats, one of which is a 17-year-old special needs kitty with a thyroid deficiency (he gets meds and stays in a dog kennel with a heat lamp, and is spoiled rotten). Well, all of our pets are pretty much spoiled rotten. I have been somewhat involved in dog rescue for the past 12 years with transport and networking, and I co-moderate a cattle dog forum very similar to this one.

    I joined this forum because as we are heading toward retirement age and a fixed income and may be looking to downsize, and as our two elderly dogs probably will not be with us for much longer, I am looking for a low-cost, low-maintenance long-lived "affectionate" pet that does not require a lot of space. I heard about crested geckos at a Pet Expo and have been researching them for the past several months; it seems as though a crestie might be a perfect pet for me. That said, I purchased an Exo-Terra vivarium and all supplies, and am searching now for a new buddy. I find them to be fascinating little critters, and I am looking forward to learning a lot more about them on this forum!

    Specifically, I looked in the Geckos for Sale or Trade section of this forum and saw Melissa N's post from September for an Adult Yellow Male, about Diego needing a home. I PM'd her and am waiting to hear if this might be an option. (Excited if it would be!) But I can't seem to post in that thread (denied access?), so not sure why that is. (So Melissa, if you see this post, please check your PM's!) I am not looking to breed, and don't want a very young gecko; not fussy about male or female, I am just looking for one that is healthy and comfortable with handling. Not looking for any specific color or features, in fact, if there is an "imperfect" one out there - no tail or other cosmetic imperfection that would make it hard to sell, I would be interested, if price is within my means.

    My screen name, "TAD" is for Tiny Ancient Dinosaur, which is probably what I will name my new gecko friend.

    Happy to be here!
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    Welcome to the forum. I hope things work out with the crested gecko. I have 4 at the moment (as well as an awful lot of leopard geckos and a bunch of other species including a Cuban brown anole that hitched a ride from FL to MA on someone's decorative grasses) and enjoy them.



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      Hello Eileen. Welcome to the forum. I currently have three (with eggs incubating) and they are great! And very addictive. I sure hope you find one that you're happy with.
      They are wonderful pets.
      If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask!
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        Thank you so much! I am very happy tonight - I talked with Melissa earlier, and she will be shipping Diego (soon-to-be TAD, with her OK) to me as soon as I get the food. I wanted to be sure that I got the same kind she is feeding him, so waited to get that, and it's on order now. So hopefully next week Diego/TAD will be on his way to me. ))

        I am enjoying reading the posts. I won't be breeding, but I sure have a lot to learn, and all of it's very interesting to me! Thanks for welcoming a newbie and being willing to kindly answer a lot of questions that might seem pretty basic and repetitive!
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        Rody Jane (cattledog/stinkwad mix), Dixie Moonpie (rattledog) George P-Dog (lab/Great Pyr) 1.2.0, Ringer (barn cat) 1.0.0


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          Welcome. i am somewhat new, also.


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            Welcome, and it sounds like you will be a wonderful loving home for your new TAD (which is such a cute acronym for a crestie!). I'm sure he will steal your heart, these little guys are deceptively addictive.
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              Welcome! I absolutely LOVE the name you picked out, too. It's perfect <3 Crested geckos are such soft, curious, velvety little dragons with a lot of personality. I'm excited for you getting your first one! If you have any questions feel free to post

              Also, don't worry about not being able to post on the Sale or Trade section—nobody can, posts on there are meant to be replied to via PM, email or what have you
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