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Rejoining the Rhacs!

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  • Rejoining the Rhacs!

    Years and years ago, I bred Crested Geckos and Leachies...and I've been fighting the itch to get started in on reptiles again! I'm here to stalk pictures, make new pals, and potentially pick out some wee Cresties to begin building a collection back up again. Not sure I'd be breeding, as it's not for the faint of heart, but I miss having mushy, floppy geckos in my life!

    Currently, I have zero rhacs...just three Silken Windhounds. I show in UKC conformation dog shows, among other sports, and I am a canine fitness and conditioning coach.

    Click image for larger version

Name:	woddermelon.jpg
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ID:	1102419 Here is a picture of a puppy eating watermelon...because a daily dose of cute is important!

    I hope to meet you all out in the forums!

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    Hello! The pup is adorable!
    Welcome to the forum!
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      Welcome to the Pangea Forums!
      I think of all of the species that people choose to breed, New Cal's are by far the most fun and rewarding. That may just be me though!
      Looking forward to talking with you on the boards!
      Kelly @ Tree Devil Geckos
      Producing Awesome Leachianus geckos and Gargoyle geckos since 2017