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  • Hello from Holland

    Hi guys, i'm jody from holland i have had animals all my life and used to linebreed guppy's as a hobby. In meanwile i also started to keep and breed crested gecko's and im the proud owner of 3.4.7 Cilliatus and 1.0 Auriculatus 6.9.5 Poecilia Reticulata 1.1 Procambarus spec. And 1.2 Petaurus breviceps
    So i have kind of a full house
    I love spending my spare time with them i carrie my Petaurus breviceps with me as much as possible in a pouch around my neck during daytime.
    Which are all breeding except the Auriculatud for which i'm still looking for a nice female. Are there any more Dutchies here on the forum?
    Most of my pets are noctural because i am as well, i love to live at night its the moment im most active.
    I am constantly looking for new mutations in my offspring of Ciliatus as im doing in my Poecillia's and if i found it i try to reproduce and improve it. Not only in colours also in shapes and such, i currently have a nice male which has 3 lines of (pseudo) crests on his dorsal. i'm currently looking to improve size of these crests, to get them as big as a normal crest would be, they are half the size of a normal crest now, so i think i still have a long way to go, but as i'm 27 now i still have plenty of time to work on it.
    Well thats about it guys..

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    Welcome to GU! It sounds as if you have some nice projects going. I have 2 cresties but prefer the gargoyle geckos. Good luck finding a female gargoyle. I looked up Petaurus breviceps to see what you meant.



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      Well thank you. Yes, they make great pets as well.