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  • New from DFW area in Texas

    I am new to the forum and somewhat new to the cresties. I have been a cresty parent since March and now have 2 europlatus sikorae as well. I teach 8th grade science in Garland, TX and the geckos are part of my classroom environment. I just graduated in Dec at the age of 53. One of my students asked "what took you so long?" and I answered "I'm a little slow sometimes!" and it's actually my 2nd degree. I am originally from AZ and used to have snakes back in the early 80s. I waned classroom animals that would inspire my students into considering how humans effect the world around them world-wide. The europlatus are new and we are hoping to breed them as well as discussing habitat loss in Madagascar. Mine are captive bred, by the way. My cresty was named Echo by my students, and the europlatus are Cami O'Flage and Diz Guised, shortened to Cami and Dizzy.

    Looking forward to upcoming reptile shows Aug 1-2 and later at the end of August!
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