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Hello from Ontario, Canada!

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  • Hello from Ontario, Canada!

    Hello, my name is Maria and I am from Ontario, Canada. My boyfriend and I recently purchased a pair of crested geckos after he fell in love with them at a local pet store. Now I'm just trying to immerse myself in the gecko world and learn as much as I can about them. I'm slightly interested in breeding them but, at the moment, the two we bought are too young to determine their gender. I'm a college student by day and my boyfriend is an electrical accessory automotive technician. So yeah, hello

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    Hi Maria,

    Where do you live? I'm in Toronto and there are others on this forum also in Ontario.
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      Really? That's fantastic. We actually live right outside Niagara Falls in St. Catharines. It would be really cool to meet up with some other people in the area who are interested in crested geckos.


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        Hi Maria!
        Welcome to the boards, I'm another Ontario person, but I'm in Hamilton. There are a few of us Ontarians here if you look around.
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