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  • New Member from New England!

    Hi there! I thought about continuing to lurk and just being quiet but this forum seems pretty welcoming to newbies like me, so here I am! Hello!

    Brief bit about me (and my Cresteds!):

    I'm Krystal, mid-20's, have adored Cresteds since they first came on the pet-store scene (I used to work at a Petco "back in the day") but was never in a position to own one (bummer!). Now I have three unsexed Juvi's who are adorable, and I enjoy immensely. I am sorry to say, I only have a few crummy cell phone pics, but I'll try to post them in the Rhac Photo section when I transfer them from my phone.

    I am on the search for more info about pretty much everything Crested (read: Massive Nerd), and possibly interested in (cuz I'm crazy) getting more Cresteds some time in the near future, and this forum has been a rockin' place for me to find info to nerd out on as well as oogle some shmexy Cresteds (and other Rhacs!) and get ideas for what I eventually want my Crested Crew to "look like" (and perhaps maybe another Rhac species at some point, but that's for another day!). Finding Crested breeders in the New England area (MA/RI/CT/NH pref) would also be super awesome.

    I also have: 2.2.0 cats, 1.0.0 dog, and 0.0.10 Longfin Zebra Danios (fish to be expanded, new 40 gal fresh tank).

    Thanks for listening to me ramble and I look forward to being part of the community!

    Krystal and Rusty the Humans (1.1.0) & The Cresties (4.1.5), The Gargs (1.3.1) and The Leos (10.30.0), and 2.3.0 Cats!

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    Hi Krys and welcome.... I'm not in the NE area but I do vend at the Manchester NH show twice a year (just not the Jan show). It is a pretty big show, you should check it out!


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      Welcome. I do have a crestie but am primarily a leopard gecko breeder. I also breed AFT's, Coleonyx and gargs. I'll be vending at the Manchester show in Jan. so come by if you attend. I'm at the Gecko Time ( - I'm co-editor) and Geckcessories (that's me) table.



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        Welcome fellow New Englander! I'm not from any of the states you listed but I'm from New York Glad you've found the forums so helpful
        "I believe that education is all about being excited about something. Seeing passion and enthusiasm helps push an educational message."-Steve Irwin​


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          Welcome New England neighbor. Lots of great info here, I use this forum a lot.
          4.3.6 C. ciliatus
          1.0.0 M. chahoua
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            Welcome to Pangea and I am glad you stopped lurking
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