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Greetings from Montana

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  • Greetings from Montana

    Hello!! i m new to the whole Pangea forums. I'm lucky enough to own five Crested Geckos (two females three boys) and one veiled Chameleon. (also a male)
    I'm also a first time breeder with nine good looking eggs, so i hope i will have babies in the near future Click image for larger version

Name:	022912214416.jpg
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ID:	1081568Click image for larger version

Name:	050712130730.jpg
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ID:	1081569 This is Cheava, my first crestie, now almost three years old i love these amazing reptiles and hopefully my collection will expand in a few years or a few months
    *I'm not crazy, Just mentally hilarious*
    3.2.1 Crested Geckos (Toke, Chronis, Igor, Rhea, Cheva)
    1.0.0 Veiled Chameleon ( Spartacus)
    0.1.0 English bulldog (Doja)
    1.0.0 Collie (Thor)
    1.0.0 demonic a$$ cat (Loki)

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    Welcome to Pangea!


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      Welcome! Beautiful crestie!


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        Welcome to Pangea! Crested Gecko ( Panchi, Cobar, Jodhaa, Mocha, Poe, Durc, Tivonan, & Stelona.)
        0.1 Leopard Gecko ( Mehndi )
        1.0 Tokay Gecko ( Ralphie )
        2.0 Dogs ( Mel, Buck )
        0.4 Cats ( Koyo, Lupin, Hope, Flop-Tail )