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    Hey y'all... Michael here used to live in WV, but now in sunny FL... Like the title says old member new name... Formally known as westsidegeckoswv... left the forum a couple years ago but am back now and back into crested geckos again... would post a pic but recoverying from 2 surgeries and I am still gaining the weight I lost while not being able to keep anything down for 3 weeks...

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    Welcome back, hard to stay away from cresteds
    Facebook link


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      I actually had issues with a couple members plus was allergic to something in the original CGD v1.o but now with the new CGD v3.o I'm fine and it doesn't break me out like the old stuff... plus with just having 2 surgeries last month and being in the hospital for almost a month I decided Bearded dragons were too much for me to handle while recovering and plus missing 2 months of work I couldn't afford a $60/week feeder bill so decided to go back to cresties after trading 2 Beardies for a sub-adult female and 2 babies... nest part is they aren't as demanding as Beardies and my bedroom stays the perfect temp for em and holding my female relaxes me since she isn't a jumpy one but really likes being on me more then in her cage...


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        Welcome back, and get well soon! Glad you are still able to enjoy something you love, the care of cresteds really is one of the greatest things about them.

        Looking forward to seeing pictures when you are feeling up to it!


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          As soon as I can figure out how to attach a pics from my phone I will... its being very complicated and not cooperating with me right now...


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            BTW Sharlene I have been admiring your cresties on Kingsnake like crazy lately...