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Since Matt coerced me into joining...

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  • Since Matt coerced me into joining...

    I thought I should introduce myself I'm jen, from the Detroit area.

    My friend Steph (zephyr) and I are

    I had a GREAT time in tinley meeting many of you! I'm glad Matt talked me into finally joining the forum. I've known him for years, and have visited before, just never officially joined. But meeting all you fun people convinced me

    jsrhacs has 5 species of rhacs, and some other assorted geckos. I personally also keep many other various herps, and some mammals, too. I'm the secretary of the Michigan Society of Herpetologists, which I am waiting for matt to join....

    I am having some computer/picture issues, but here is a pic of one of my tattoos, my first reptile, Gwenny. She just turned 10!
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    Jen Periat

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    Welcome Jen! I'd love to know more about the rescue that you and Steph are involved in, can you post some information and possibly the link to the website?
    ~ Dorothy ~

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      Welcome, Jen!


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        Welcome, welcome! It was awesome meeting you (and the herp society) at Tinley! I've been showing off my signed copy of the new cornsnake book I got at the society's booth I hope you enjoy it here on the forums; don't be too much of a lurker as we'd like to hear more about the rescue and your work.
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          Good to see you in Tinley

          Glad you finally joined
          Derek Dunlop

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            Hello and welcome!


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              Hey Jen! Welcome!!!!


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                Welcome!! *hugs* I really loved meeting you! I miss you already!

                Sorry I haven't text messaged you more...I need to update my plan to include those *blushes*...LOL.

                Love the tat! I hope you'll like it here

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                  Hey Jen, welcome to the forum! And thank you for the beautiful geckos you sent me
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                    Thanks for all the welcomes!!! You guys rock.

                    lets see where to start

                    The MI herp society, the rescue, and jsrhacs are separate entities...

                    MSH is a pretty good organization, we spend a lot of time doing public education, raising money for conservation, etc. Our next big event is the All American Pet Expo in Novi next month. We have a HUGE display, and it's lots of fun. Our website is

                    While I help wherever I can (transport, temp foster, providing vet care) Mid-Michigan Reptile Rescue is all Steph and her mom, Jane the website is They do a GREAT job, andl I am happy to offer as much support as I can. If you have any questions, I can probably help if steph is not around.

                    And you all know is our little gecko addiction. I got Steph hooked when she was nice enough to baby-sit my geckos (back when there were just a few) while I was out of state for an externship. And my first baby hatched at her place

                    Andrea, yes! add text messaging I miss you too!

                    Matt, glad you like your new geckos!! and I am glad we shipped before it got too cold...

                    Jen Periat