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  • Time to introduce myself

    Well i have been on the fourms for a couple months now but i never really introduced myself.
    first off, Hello!
    now a little about me:
    I am 17 years old and i live in Lynden Washington and i am a senior Lynden Christain High school. My race is dutch, like everyone in Lynden My favorite activities include sports, (mainly basketball and football) outdoor sports like hunting and fishing, working out, cooking and eating, and of course reptiles. I got my first crested a year ago at a show and now i think that they are the coolest things on four legs. i used to have snakes but all i have left for snakes is my brazillian rainbw boa. i dont know what i plan on doing after high school and dont really want to think about it right now, i just want to enjoy life for the moment.
    well that is a little about me!

    By the way i took a pic of myself with my camera and the flash was so dang bright! thats why i look stoned.

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    Welcome to the forums Derek!
    Is cosmo likeing her new place?
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      Thanks Eli,
      and yes she has gained 3 grams since i got her and she explores all over every night.


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        Well you definitely looked stoned in the picture. lol. Welcome to the forums though.
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          Glad you joined up Derek, this is a great place to learn about crested geckos, among other reptiles.
          ~ Dorothy ~

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