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    Well, I'm new to this site, but I've had a little bit of everything as a pet over the years. I have 4 kids: Meagan's 12 and started us out in crested geckos, Jasmine is 9, Nicholas is 4 and Catalina is going to be 2 in Sept. All of the kids love the pets. We currently have a fish tank, a siberian husky(2yrs), a maltese(7yrs), a pionus parrot(14yrs) and upto about 2weeks ago, we only had one crested gecko "Loki"(1yr) she's like an orange tiger-dalmation and "Apollo" (1yr) a bearded dragon. Well, I got the brilliant notion to get Loki some friends ... so we now have 3 juvenile cresties from Pangea (thanks!) an almost black w/ red flame from Crazy Cresties and then I just HAD to get some gargoyles ... so we have our first gargs ... one cute little DARK retic from Pangea and a cute little lt grey/orange marble from A-1. So now we have like, 6 containers of critters on our bar in the family room ... a box of roaches in the garage... and my youngest just keeps calling everything "GECKO!" LOL The Dragon is a "gecko", the geckos are gecko, the roaches & crickets are called "gecko".

    I'd forgotten how small the babies are ... they are so cute! And it's so exciting to watch them grow and see how their colors come in and to see if they are males or females (yes, that is why "Loki" is a girl).

    We did a garden this year and found that cresteds love blueberries and the dragon loves our squash.

    For some of my background, I've previously bred lovebirds (peachface mutations and madagascar), rabbits (holland lop & netherland dwarf), and I was a state licensed wildlife rehabilitator for 6 years... got out of it when the kids kept wanting to be hands on and there were some things that were really too dangerous for them to be around...and was too hard for me to work on without another pair of hands IE: adult hawks, herons,...
    I would love to try breeding cresteds and gargoyles on a SMALL basis, like 2 trios of cresteds, one of gargoyles. I'd also love to get some chahous (sp?) I love the natural camo colors and the tails!

    We have an OLD website you can take a peek at....


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    Sounds like your going to fit right in. Welcome to the forum.
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      Welcome! I used to raise holland lops, too! they are so sweet and (IMO) the cutest breed you can get. I had over 30 rabbits at one point!
      I think you'll find that posting in here is just about as addictive as having cresties is!
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        Welcome to the forums! The bug has bitten you AND your kids, it sounds like! I'm sure you'll really like it here....
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          Welcome to the forum!

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            welcome aboard!


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              The addiction must run in the family. Welcome to the forums
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                Welcome to the fourm!!! I love that you have involved all the family, your kids will have an educational upbringing and won't fear reptiles as much as other kids. It's also a great conversation starter when your kids are at school, lol.
                Wow, you rehabilitated hawks and such, that is amazing. I would love to start that some day when I am not as busy with collage. How do you become licensed?
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                  Welcome to Pangea!
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