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  • Hi everyone!!

    well, i guess after a little while of being on without posting, its time i introduced myself. im really going to try to not make this sound like a personal ad, for me or my reptile gang. lol
    so, my name is kelly, im 29 1/2 (wont go any higher either), live near baltimore md. i have 2 gorgous kids, and a hottie for a fiance who puts up with my every whim when it comes to reptiles. when we first got together, he had a "3 foot rule" with my leopard geckos - now hes buying snakes lol. but to them in a minute.
    i work as tech support for an insurance company, and run a web design business on the side. im not sure if im allowed to post a link, so i wont, but anyone who needs a website, including breeders, contact me! ive got GREAT packages out there for you all, trust me. (ok, enough advertising). im also working on a really fun project that i will unveil soon for us reptile people, so keep your eyes open for sure!
    now, for the thing you all REALLY care about - the reptiles. now, first, i must say, im an addict (passes the candle). now, i will say, i dont care. lol. i started out about 4 years ago with 1 leopard gecko - i now have 18 different herps of all kinds of species, and the list continues to grow and grow. i have gotten into breeding the leos (although i didnt have any success this year), and will be breeding beardies soon enough. im really looking into breeding the cresties also. so, lets introduce the gang

    this is zeke. hes a fat little pig, about 19" long and a big spoiled brat! hes just over a year old now. he was a semi-rescue from a couple that just didnt have the time they wanted for him anymore, but he came to me good and healthy.

    this is our little baby girl sachiko. she is about 4 months old now, topping into the 16" mark very quickly. i got her from, who is a great beardie breeder if you guys ever think of going that route.

    this is our first snake, aquired from harford reptile breeding center in july. his name is mischief, and he is a year old. hes been a little bit of a problem eater, but we are working with him. hes a granite yearling.

    this is our newest addition, ike. he is about 2 years old, normal ball python. hes as friendly as a dog, and has eaten already when we have only had him 4 days.

    ok, onto the leopard geckos. i will give you all their names and stories, but i cant post this many pics, so if you want to see them, let me know!

    first up is olina. she was my first, and got me started on my addiction. she is about 4 now, and my spoiled baby.

    next up, ricotta and cheddar (their partner in crime swiss i have no pics of, she wont sit still). i rescued them from a freezer death at petco because they were adults, and no one was buying them. i got them for the price of 3 feeder mice! they are known as the "cheese girls" on the other forum i post on for them.

    well, when we got ricotta, we had no idea she was gravid until one day, there were eggs! we had no idea what to do, and only 1 survived out of the 4 she laid. from the moment we opened the incubator, we knew her name - cutie. and shes a COMPLETE brat too!

    cuties partner in crime is snap. snap was a rescue from petco also. she was about 3-4 months old, and tiny when we got her. about a month after we got her, she escaped. after 2 months, one day she showed up on my window sill, skinny as a toothpick, dehydrated, and scared out of her mind. she refused to eat for 2 more months, not one drop, and all she did was try to bite your hand off. about 8 months later, i now have one of the friendliest, fattest little girls you can imagine! shes always trying to get up on your hand, going nuts as soon as she hears you!

    and last but not least, our big boy sebastian. i got him from the show in baltimore last year from lllreptile, and hes another spoiled one (imagine that!). he is another nutball friendly boy though, who ranges from bright white to dark grey, depending on his moods.

    we also have a green anole and 2 fire-bellied toads, but i have no pics of them. our little green tree frog, almost 4 years old, passed onto the rainbow bridge this past weekend also. we will miss him for sure though!

    now, the REAL reason we are all here - the cresties!
    first up is shiashia (pronounced she-she). she is about 4-5 months old, and absolutely wonderful! she was our first, and we have had her about 2 months now. shes an incredible jumper, but knows to only jump to safe things like bodies and clothes. she just shed, and is a dark grey with white spots now. we nicknamed her "bird poop" because of her coloring. lol

    these are our newest crestie additions, from (sorry matt, i didnt really know you were around yet). they are both baby babies, about a month old. the top one is george, because he (we are saying) is SO curious, and LOVES people already. the bottom one is bullet, from being so fast to run AWAY from us. they are great little guys/girls, and we are just waiting for them to get big enough to breed!

    so, i think thats everyone. sorry for the long post, but i figured an introduction is allowed to be long lol. i look forward to talking to all of you!

    Kelly S.

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    Welcome to the forums; you have a great bunch of pets! I'm glad to see you finally posting. We all enjoy ourselves here.
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      Hi Kelly! Welcome to the forum! You've got a heck of a nice collection going there.

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        Hi, and welcome to the fourms!!!

        Love the beardie!! And the ball pythons, they were also my first snake.

        Looks like you have one heck of a collection there. And feel free to post as many pics as you like!! We all love the pics here!!!
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          Yeah welcome to the forums!
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            thanks for the warm welcome guys! and the compliments on the collection. im always looking to add to it, but marc (the fiance) has attempted to put me on a "no more pets" rule. and yet, everytime we go to a show (once a month they have one here in the area), he KNOWS thats not going to happen. the scary thing is the big show here near baltimore comes up in a month. again, im going with the idea of pure networking for the web business, but i highly doubt thats going to happen. that was the goal at this past show on saturday, and we came home with ike. lol
            Kelly S.

            Come have some fun on the newest site out for reptile research!! Spread the word too!!


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              Hello, Kelly, and welcome to the forum! You have a beautiful scaly 'family'. Your ball reminds me of my python, Carson ( I was going through a 'Queer Eye' phase).

              I share your experience with the 'no more pets' rule. My husband decreed that we had enough reptiles about seven or eight geckos ago. Luckily, he doesn't check the cages THAT closely very often. When he discovers that 'The Lizard Fairy' brought us another, he just shakes his head. Guess he realizes that I am an addict, and can't help myself!

              Again, welcome and good to have you here!
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                Welcome aboard!


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                  I also give you a warm welcome. I'm sure you will spend a good amount of your day on Pangea like all the rest of us.
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