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  • Not lurking anymore!

    I've been lurking these forums for a few months now since I have a few snakes and was looking back into geckos after something or another. Since I mentioned the snakes, I have a normal corn snake, an okeetee corn snake, both females, a male luecistic Texas rat snake who hates me, and a pair of possible het pieballed normal ball pythons, though they're really nice normals.

    Since I have snakes, I also breed their food, my choice being rats. I tried breeding mice, but they STUNK, escaped all the time, were horrible little animals in general, and wouldn't even get pregnant. Rats are so much more fun, can be bred by complete idiots (durr hurrrr), and love the camera.

    I mostly have black and white hooded rats, but a suspected brother to sister breeding (never keep opposite sex siblings who look alike ) seems to have produced albino pups. They're not quite old enough for me to be certain yet though.

    I also have a little mealworm colony going on. Yay darkling beetles!

    As for what makes joining here worthwhile, that's this pretty girl! Felix my red stripe garg. She's from Petco and been with me for almost two months, I think, and is a total character.

    She's the only rhac I have, but I plan on getting at least another female, a dark reticulated, and maybe a white male stripe. The Petco nearby gets some really interesting gargoyles.

    As for cresties, I will probably get an adult from a nearby store or something, whatever comes up, and see how I like them. From there, I'll decide if I want to pursue obtaining a real colony. Harly pinstripes, creamsicles, and most of all, blondes.

    As for me, I'm 16, dealing with some sort of Lupus/rhuematoid arthristis thing that my parents (or whole family, really) seem to think is fake or not as bad as it really is, also have three small dogs and an old, fat cat. I waste my time throwing crapstorms from my parents back at them, wasting away in front of the computer doing everything from researching reptiles to watching really stupid things on Youtube, playing games, and occasionally drawing (not that I'm any good).

    I think that covers me pretty well. :P

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    Love your garg (and your bio). Welcome to the forum
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      Hello and welcome!
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        Welcome. Pangea is a great place!


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          Welcome to the boards!
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            welcome to the forums! i've learned a ton in the time i've been here, the other members are great!
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              Welcome! Nice auric!