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  • New to the site!!!

    Hello everyone. My name is Gregg. I am not a Rhac breeder but I do breed some high end leopard geckos. But what I know best is venomous. Particularly gaboon vipers... I have been keeping hots for about 12 years now... I maintain mostly gaboons now... Infact I have a published article in reptiles mag that will be in this Octobers HOT issue...

    Anyway, I really like cresteds and want to get a bit more info on them... I figured this would be the place for that... I like the site and the people seem pretty cool from what I have seen so far...
    Gregg M Madden

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    Welcome to the site

    Gaboon vipers are certainly one of my favorite snakes. I was lucky enough to get to handle one before, and all I can say is that they are amazing!!! Look forward to seeing your article, I always like the HOT issues
    Derek Dunlop
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      I am such a fan of Rhino vipers, I doubt i'll ever get into hots, but if I did, i'd start with a trans pecos copperhead. Glad to have someone here into hots, I love diversity!


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        Welcome to the forum!

        I really like copperheads as well, although I'm no handler of snakes- I'm even a little hesitant to handle my piddly little cornsnake
        I'm a fan of them as an observer. I have had the opportunity to see copperheads in the wild on several occasions and it was awesome. I think my favorite venomous is the canebrake though, because they're just so powerful and beautiful. It blows my mind that there's a rattlesnake that is as big around as my upper arm! They have several of them at a small private zoo in east Texas and I have to visit them every time I go!
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          Hi Gregg, welcome to the forum!

          We'll get you hooked on Rhacs soon enough. Lol. Love the photo of the Gaboon that you posted. Hots are sweet, but the only one I've ever seriously considered buying was an Eyelash Viper. (I drool whenever I see one, but I'm convinced that I'll get bit somehow.) I've never worked with anything venemous aside from the few encounters where I was herping, and it's nice to have someone on the forum who can open up new discussions. Welcome!

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            Welcome to the forums! Like everyone else says, Rhacs are addicting.... Anytime you want to post pics of any of your animals (including the hots) please feel free. We are total photo hounds here.
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              Hi from UK, I loved the pic of your Gaboon, look forward to pics of the Rhacs (when you get some) lol.


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                Yeah, I want to get all the info I can on them before I buy any... Rhacs are awesome... I am suprized I did not get into them much earler on...

                Thanks for the warm welcome everyone....
                Gregg M Madden


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                  I agree with RangerGrrl, any pics at any time!
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                    Hi Gregg!!!!!O
                    Jeanne R. Leary


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                      Welcome to the forums, though I can do without Venom!