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  • Seaside, CA is here!

    Hey there! I'm new to Pangea and the forums, but I've been doing some pretty serious moving so I figured I'd check in and say hi officially so everyone can have a reference sheet if they want to "see who I am"... and to appease the forum gods :-)

    I got turned onto Crested Geckos by a family member who (I believe, but have not confirmed) originally got a three pack from Pangea. Eventually she got a few more, and eventually they started breeding, and eventually she started having eggs... we all know how this goes :-) So I was spending time with the family over my birthday, one of the eggs just happened to hatch and I fell in love immediately. It was awarded as a birthday present and since I've been raising snakes for years I had a free tank when I got home and in it went! I went natural viv after reading some different information and deciding that was the route I wanted to go... and I've never looked back.

    A few months later I went back and it turned out that it's clutch-mate had hatched the same day, about an hour after I left... so I got that one too! Finally, my last addition was another random baby from the same tank, but my guess is it's a different mother or father... the first two are pretty decent flames (1.1), but the last one is a pretty plain male dalmatian who fires up to a smoky color.

    Now for the good part :-)

    The female is gravid, and only after realizing she was getting BIG did the signs click... I'd seen her buried a few times and there had been a few mornings when I saw huge tracks though the substrate like a bulldozer had come through... DUH, SHE'S BREEDING! Lol, well as soon as I realized that I got down to researching the right ways to breed and the wrong ways, and the forums here have been a great place to do that, while the attached store makes everything click :-) Besides small adjustments to their feeding regime, and the insertion of a patch of "lay box" in the substrate, I haven't had to do too much yet though... she's getting bigger every day so we'll see soon how well the viv is working for her.

    Now, in that last section I said the connection of the forums and the store has been great... and I meant that. I've been doing a lot of two things... research and buying. I've been researching reptiles, and buying reptiles. I've been researching products, and buying products. My gecko budget has gone from $15/month for supplies to $30/month (not including food) and from $20/month for animals to $200/month... that's serious! I'm in the process of picking up a few from local sources, and a few from here online for breeding projects and I've got a SIM, some extra rails, moss, SuperHatch, and a scrap of other stuff from here on the way tonight, as well as putting deposits on a few of the fine reptiles I've seen here in the Trade Forum.

    I wouldn't have the confidence to do this without a knowledge base, and that K/B would be worthless without access to supplies. I wish to thank Pangea Reptile for such an incredible resource, and the members for all their input and hard work... you are making caring for geckos accessible to the hordes while doing your best to keep that mass of people well informed, and for that... you are forum gods :-)

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    Welcome to the forums and whoa what an intro.
    Its so great that you have really gone through the threads here on health and so fourth and it sounds like it didn't take you long to fall in love with these guys! Welcome aboard.
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      I'm kind of an animal person... and I've been in love with Cresteds since that first one came home! Recently started realizing I can't "just" play with them... if they're going to breed I'm going to get serious. Kind of a personal thing... it would be cruel NOT to provide them with proper care at this point. And if I'm going to get serious about breeding, I'm going to do a lot of it :-)

      Fortunately, like I said I've only had to change their diet a small amount (changing powders weekly for crickets, and mixing a custom high-cal/banana/GCD food for them every other week) and replace a corner of the viv with "lay patch"... so I can't see that I've been depriving them to this point :-)

      As for stock... I've got a "breeding-appropriate-separate-stock" set of Harley's coming, along with a Red male, a Yellow female, and three more babies... (Harleys, Red, and a baby from here!) so I'm pretty much ready to get down on this. I can't imagine an easier, funner hobby to spend my precious few hours of free time on!

      I'm a student so the other attraction IS how low maintenance they are... pre-made frozen food pellets, dusted crickets, water, and some attention to the viv on weekends! Done!


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        Welcome to the forums!
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          Hi and welcome!

          there are several of us here up Sacramento wise if your ever in the area.
          and the zoo


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            Hi Rhatfield! That's good to know :-) the family member I got my first three from lives in Auburn, so I pass through Sac about 6 times a year! I'd love to see what some of you have going on, and I'll be back to buying a couple of last geckos in a few months, when I've finally got all my new kids moved in and some more cash on hand :-p


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              Congrats on your new additions and welcome to Pangea!

              With your breeding plans the low maintnence can easily be overcome by shear numbers so be careful. Yeah you will probably still love the hobby but with 2 or 3 breeding pairs, in one year you could be caring for 40+ geckos. Another year and you basically got yourself a part time job, lol.


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                I'm aware of that danger... I suppose it's far more "real" when it's in your face however :-) as far as it being a job, none of the pet stores around here can stock them due to lack of access :-) if I can produce some happy, healthy babies it's possible I already have a channel or two to "home" them :-) thanks for the warning though... This is going to be a heck of an adventure!


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                  nice to meet you, welcome to the forums! sounds like you're on your way to being an awesome crestie owner!
                  Always check the Fauna BOI before you buy!
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