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  • Hello out there!

    I've watched this forum alot and have posted a few times on here I figured its about time to introduce myself. My name is Dennis and I'm from Ohio. Been married for 5 years and I also have a four year old son name Miah. Been into reptiles for as long as I can remember. As far as my collection goes I have 7.16.7 cresteds plus 10 eggs, 1.3.2 gargoyles, 1.eurdactyloes Agricolae, 1.blizzard leo, 2.2 bearded dragons, 1 female sun conure, 1 female senegal, 1.1 cockatiels, 6 bull frogs, and to many fish to count inside and outside. For the first time me and my dad have teamed up and we are breeding sun conues and lady gouldains on the side also. This is our first season so far and we have two three week old sun conure babies doing great and over 20 lady gouldian eggs cooking as we speak. My other hobbies are aggresive rollerbladding, mountain biking, weight lifting, and playing all kinds of sports. The other obsession I have which drives my wife nuts is getting tattooed, working on finsihing my arms off Its nice meeting you all and I'll talk to you guys later on the forum

    me and my son at the zoo a couple weeks ago

    one of my tatts

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    Welcome and glad to put a face with a name Cool Collection
    Derek Dunlop
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      Hey, welcome to the forum!

      My mom used to breed Gouldian finches... but I think the Sun Conures are just TOO cool. Got any pics of the reptiles or birds?

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        I was just about to ask the same!! gotta see some of those babies!! nice to have you here!

        Whites tree frogs
        Crested Geckos
        Rhacodactylus chahoua


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          they are not to good but let me see what I can dig up.

          this is a trio I've had for 3 years now(male is in the middle both girls are from nathan at GU an orange tiger and a pale yellow all the time.

          heres my birds when they where actually nice to each other

          and heres one of my female gargoyles an orange blotch from Clark.

          I'll have some more here soon I deleted a lot of the pics I had cause I didn't like them.


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            Hey man, thanks for introducing yourself here! I've got a few of your geckos still that I just had to hold on to. They are a month or two away from being fully colored up, I'll post some pics later on.


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              Those are some fatties, :laughs:
              Welcome to the forum.
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                I'd love to see what ones you held onto matt, I got this one baby right now that hatched out about a month ago the size of a one month old and has the best tiger pattern I have ever seen. when I manage to steal my sisters camera I'll get some real good pics up my camera sucks!


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                  It's good to put a face with the name, glad to meet you. I like the male dal, he's got some good spots on him.
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