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  • Hey, we're new here

    Hello all,

    Sorry, didn't take the time to indroduce ourselves before posting. It must be said however, that this forum is already a great resource for us! Thanks for all your help.

    We keep many herps but we are recently addicted to Rhacs. We also keep Beardies, African Velvet geckos, marble geckos, thick toed geckos, somolian clawed geckos and a pair of amazon tree boas, a rainbow boa and a baby ball python. For the rhacs, we've got cresties, gargoyles and some chaouhas coming later this summer. Can't forget to mention the Sikorae and the salamander., oh and the hamster. So we've got quite the wide spread collection.
    Well, that's enough for now, any questions' just ask or pm.

    Megan and Pierre
    4.5.10 R. ciliatus - 0.3 R. auriculatus - 4.3 E. macularius - 1.1 P.vitticeps - 0.1 U. sikorae - 0.0.4 R. chahoua - 0.1.1 P. regius

    Megan and Pierre
    The Basking Spot Reptiles

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    Welcome, glad you joined
    Derek Dunlop
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      Welcome to the boards, make yourselves at home!


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        Lets see those mossy's! Welcome
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          Welcome to the forum!

          "This is your life, are you who you want to be?" -Switchfoot


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            Hi there! Welcome to the forum i hope you learn all you want from us lot and have a laugh too! (Were an odd bunch!)


            Whites tree frogs
            Crested Geckos
            Rhacodactylus chahoua


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              Originally posted by Megan_&_Pierre
              , oh and the hamster.
              I bet that's one nervous hamster!
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                Welcome to the forums! Post some pics of your other reptiles too; they sound cool!
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                  Welcome! Good to see another Chahoua nut!
                  ~ Dorothy ~

                  4.7 Crested Gecko ~ 2.0.1 Chahoua ~ 0.1 Gargoyle
                  1.2 Leopard Gecko ~ 1.0 Bearded Dragon ~ 1.1 Pictus
                  1.0 Anole ~ 1.0 Box Turtle ~ 1.0 Tree Frog