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hello everyone here's a little about me

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  • hello everyone here's a little about me

    Where to begin. I am a biologist by education and hobby (sometimes I even get paid). I left my career 5 years ago to persue happiness and found that happiness in my herps. I am currently working on behavioral and genetic studies of cresties. I have recently started some comparitive studies as well and have added chahoua, leachies, gargoyles and saras to my study group. I do educational programs for childern and adults as well as teach 7th grade genetics. My pets include: 2 dogs, 1 mouse, 2 beardies, 3 gargoyles, 2 leachies, 2 chahoua, 1 sara, lots and lots of cresteds, 10 leopard geckos, 2 AFT's, 1 central american banded gecko. 1 tarantula, 1 pac man frog, 1 waxy monkey tree frog, 3 fire belly newts, 3 fire belly toads, 1 african clawed frog, 1 blue tonge skink, two turtles, 6 AGB's, and one 13-year-old human. I think I got everyone.


    here is me:

    just kidding, here is a really bad pic of the real me:

    and this is the love of my partner in crime and herp enthuiast:

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    You forgot to list me, because I'm moving in. lol. Nice to "meet" and glad to her your passing on your love of herps to your child.
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    8.10.9 Crested Geckos
    1.2 Gargoyle Geckos
    1.1 Tangerine Phase Albino AFT's
    0.3 Peach Phase Albino AFT's (two are striped)
    1.0 Bearded Dragons
    1.2 Viper Geckos
    1.1 Yellow-headed Cape Geckos
    0.1 Panther Geckos
    There'll be more, just you wait and see


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      Nice to meet you.

      Thanks for introducing yourself, Kim. That's quite a collection you've got there, no wonder you're letting a few go ; ) Good for you for sharing herps with our next generation, I haven't met a child yet that isn't at least curious when they see a Crested Gecko for the first time. Anytime you'd like to share what you've discovered about Crested Genetics , I'm like Ross Perot over here.(all ears) lol. Welcome to You and your sidekick.
      ~ Cheers,Mandy


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        Always good to see other people persuing the expansion of are current understanding of the genetic properties of rhacodactylus. Keep up the good work.
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          Wow! Good for you to find the ultimate happiness in herps! Welcome, welcome!


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            Welcome to the forums! I am sure you will enjoy it here.
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              Dude I want a crested gecko shirt/hoodie LOL

              Derek Dunlop
              Croc's Rule- Steve Irwin


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                crested shirts

                my friend makes the crested shirts and hoodies. They are really cool. He is at if you are interested.


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                  Hey there, thanks for introducing yourself!


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                    Hi Kim! Great to have you on the forums!
                    ~ Dorothy ~

                    4.7 Crested Gecko ~ 2.0.1 Chahoua ~ 0.1 Gargoyle
                    1.2 Leopard Gecko ~ 1.0 Bearded Dragon ~ 1.1 Pictus
                    1.0 Anole ~ 1.0 Box Turtle ~ 1.0 Tree Frog


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                      Welcome to Pangea!
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                        Welcome to our insane world of is a wonderful thing...