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  • Hello Everyone

    I've been lurking on these forums for the past week. You guys are a bunch of enthusiastic gecko lovers!! It's fantastic!

    I'm a Penn State Student finishing my junior year. I got into crested geckos this past summer and currently have five juveniles. I wish I could expand my gecko collection, but it's really hard to do living in an apartment with a roommate, and not having much space or cash! I also have eight tarantulas, six are babies, one's a juvenile and one is almost full grown. I also have a pair of blue poison dart frogs, D. azureus, which are at home with my family in Lancaster, PA. I recently made them a new 75 gallon terrarium that I am pretty excited about. I also have a bearded dragon at home that is probably about full grown now. She's a sweetie. I am majoring in biology/ecology. I'm also interested in art and photography.

    I can't wait until my gecko's grow up and I start making more money so I can expand!! Pleasure reading all of your posts so far. I was going to post pictures, but looks like they're too big so you can just check them out if you want to. Pictures can be found on my webshots page:
    specific links:
    Me and Jack Hanna

    One of my geckos, Tigger
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    Welcome to the forum, bludaffodils!

    You'll find this a pretty laid back place, full of people willing to help with any questions, concerns, etc. that you may have. Be careful, though... the Pangea Forums are very addicting! Lol.

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      Thanks. I've already realized that it's addicting!! I forgot to mention my name, Kelsey.


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        Welcome to the Boards
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          Welcome aboard!


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            Welcome to the forums, make your self at home.
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              your friend has the rosiest cheeks I've ever seen --- lol. Welcome and good to have you here.
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                Hey Hey! Welcome aboard!


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                  Yeah Welcome, hope we can help ya out.

                  I love Tigger, talk about extreme harly.
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                    It is an addicting place. And I lurk a lot too
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                      Welcome, i'm sure you'll have fun!
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                        Hello, thanks for joining!


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                          Welcome. If you love cresteds you'll love this place. Except for the fact that it makes you want more and more cresteds
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                            Hi Kelsey,

                            Welcome. Tigger is awsome!!!

                            Stop by and say hi if you make it to the April Hamburg show.

                            1.0.bunch of baby Cresteds

                            Karl's Cresteds


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                              Karl, I recognize you. Were you at the Lititz show a few weeks ago?