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I guess it's time for a proper introduction..

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  • I guess it's time for a proper introduction..

    Alright, I figured I should post a bit of info and a few pics of myself since you all have so kindly done so. I'm Nicole and am currently in my fourth year of pre-medicine studies and I've been breeding crested geckos now for quite so time on a small level. I also keep a cancun boa, a PNG/mite phase green tree python, a chihuahua, and two cats.
    And here's a few pictures:
    It's just a blurry pic of my fiance and I, I'll try to get a more clear one, the geckos tend to take up all my camera space lol

    Wonderful meeting all you fine people!
    Nicole Corder.
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    Nicole Corder

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    Bout Good to put a face with the name, but I think we may need a bigger picture. Where are you in AZ, I know I've shipped to you but I can't remember exactly where it was.


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      I'm in Chandler and yes you have shipped to me. I bought a 4 month old blonde juvie from you about 5 months ago. She is actually my personal favorite, she's 39 grams at 9 months old!
      The first pic is a recent pic of her, I know how breeders love to see their babies grow up.
      Second is a really bad snap-shot of myself lol..
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      Nicole Corder


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        Welcome aboard Nichole
        ~Eric Roberts~

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          nice to have you here!!
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            Welcome, love that crested, I have been on your site before. Good to have you around and put a face with a name
            Derek Dunlop
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              Hi Nicole!

              Welcome to the forum!

              (Let me know when you want that gecko of yours shipped. He's doing great, by the way!)

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                Welcome to the forum! Glad to see you've purchased from some of the best! I plan on watching your available page to see what's offered in the future.
                ~ Dorothy ~

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