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  • Hi all. New to the Forum

    Hi all,

    Karl Fritz here. I'm new to the forum and just thought I would introduce myself. I've been into breeding geckos for about two years now. I started with Day geckos, then defected to Cresteds. I have kinda a addictive personality, so I jumped right in and bought like 12 Cresteds from different places in a couple months time.

    Since I'm redirecting my addictive personality back to things of a more eternal nature, (I'm leaving in July for a bible school / seminary in Singapore for the next 4 to 6 years) I have to sell off all my geckos.

    I have a few more months to enjoy my cresties though. I love the variety of colors and morphs and always look forward to see what I will get next with new hatchlings popping out.

    This forum looks to be the best and most active one I've found yet, so I think I'll hang around till I gotta go in July.

    You can check all my Cresteds out on my web site at

    TTFN, but I'll be talking with ya all soon in the forums.


    1.0.bunch of baby Cresteds

    Karl's Cresteds

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    WOW you have some beautiful geckos!


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      Welcome, even if only for a while! I agree, you have beautiful geckos. I think Dorothy already bought my faves, though
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        Welcome Karl! I wish that we had gotten to know you earlier, as I have certainly enjoyed our emails and am sure that you would have been well received here as well! Post as you can and have fun reading as well. I read and read before I became an active poster, lol.

        I'm very happy to see your cresties coming to my house, and promise to give them lots of love!! O
        ~ Dorothy ~

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          Hello and welcome!


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            Hi all,

            Just wanted to say thanks for the warm welcome.

            I look forward to chatting Geckos with you all more as I have time.

            Attached is a semi formal pic of me with my wife Ching-Lie and daughter Melody.

            Take care,

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            1.0.bunch of baby Cresteds

            Karl's Cresteds


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              Welcome to the Boards
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                happy to have you here karl, and i cant wait till next month till i get some of your cresties
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                  Hi Karl!

                  Beautiful geckos you have there! Welcome to the forum!

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                    Welcome, I would of bought Phoebe in a heart-beat. Awsome cresteds
                    Derek Dunlop
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